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Men's fashion fluctuates in style as much as women's fashion. The more mature and fashion conscious individuals will tell you that styles and trends seem to arrive and depart in cycles. A good example of a trend that is back is skinny ties. Men's ties have never gone out of fashion but the look of a necktie does change from season to season.

If you take a look at magazines dedicated to men's fashion you will see that to be trendy you must wear thin neckwear. Of course, if you want to be the perfect picture of good taste and style you must wear a shirt with the right collar. You can't wear a shirt with a large broad collar. Your collar must be narrower in order to be in proportion with ties that are skinny. There is more to these men's accessories than simply changing one's neckties.

History of Skinny Neckwear

Men's fashion has always been important. After the last World War men enjoyed wearing ties that were large with eye catching patterns. This was a natural reaction by men who had been wearing army uniforms during a depressing period of time. By the time the fifties and sixties made an appearance, men had changed their idea of fashion. Neckties had become very narrow. During the seventies men were once again enamored by bold patterned wide neckwear. When the eighties rolled in, lo and behold, men were once again wearing skinny versions. The nineties took relaxed to the extreme and grunge was born. This year men decided it was time to look smart and going slimmer is now the height of men's fashion.

Current Men's Fashion

From the interpretations of the designers it can be seen that men are heading towards a dressier look. With narrow ties comes the desire to wear shirts that are high quality. You see fine cotton shirts and also silk shirts. The more conservative man is going to opt for a white shirt and dark tie. Men who want to remain quirky will opt for a bright short sleeved shirt and even brighter tie. This harks back to one of the quirky looks of the fifties and sixties. Drain pipe jeans with winkle picker boots look great with skinny neckties.

Being Individual

A great accessory for slimmer neckwear is the tie pin. Men who like an individual touch to their fashion outfit can have pins specially made or they can choose from a selection of both traditional and quirky pins. Plain gold or silver is the traditional look. However, there is nothing to stop you from adding in turquoise or red or using the shape of a dragonfly or the head of a roaring lion. In fact, there are vintage necktie pins that are highly collectible. The pin is not the only accessory that can be worn with narrow neckwear. There is also the shirt collar pin. It is inserted under the knot of the tie. The shirt collar pin is seen protruding on the sides of the knot and is attached under the collar shirt.


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In the sixties and seventies there was a big counter revolution movement away from the wearing of neckties. Women stopped wearing bras as a symbol of the feminist movement. Men shunned the wearing of suits and neckwear as a symbol of being non-conformist to the establishment. As we all know, the bra and the tie are still worn and even reflect the wearer's individuality.

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